At Nevada EcoNet, it’s our mission to raise environmental awareness through events and partnerships.

Here’s a list of our annual events:

Earth Day – Each April, Nevada EcoNet hosts the Northern Nevada Earth Day Celebration offering something for everyone in the family–information, music, food and kids activities. A variety of commercial and nonprofit exhibitors offer information on energy conserving products and sustainable living. Vendors also sell eco-friendly products and a farmers market offers locally-grown produce for sale.

Golden Pinecone Award Celebration – Honoring five sustainable stewards in our community, this event takes place each November with a dinner and awards program recognizing these outstanding citizens and organizations.

Organic Uncorked – A food and wine fundraiser, this event brings an excellent social atmosphere with a silent auction, live music, wine, beer and appetizers, with farmer’s on hand to answer any questions all in the beautiful setting of Moana Nursery.

EcoMarkets – Held periodically throughout the year, these markets bring local vendors and artisans together for a one-stop shopping experience featuring handmade, upcycled and environmentally friendly products.

Erase Your Trace Program: Go the extra mile and make it a Zero-Waste event. All “trash” is segregated (compost bins for food waste and biodegradable serving ware; recycling bins for aluminum cans and plastic bottles). EcoNet will assist you start-to-finish go Zero-Waste. Just call us four to six months before your event and we’ll give you the details. EcoNet charges a fee for this service. The purpose of the Erase Your Trace program is to lessen the ecological impact of the hundreds of local special events in the Reno-Sparks-Tahoe area. With over one million people attending special events in Northern Nevada, the amount of plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard sent to our landfill can be substantially reduced by implementing recycling measures at these events.Nevada EcoNet wants to make recycling and waste reduction as easy as possible for event organizers.With help from Erase Your Trace, events can reduce the amount of waste they generate through careful planning, recycling and composting. Special events can benefit by potentially cutting event costs and helping to further improve our community. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people will have the opportunity to learn more about proper waste disposal options at these events.History: The Erase Your Trace program was inspired by the success of zero waste efforts at Northern Nevada’s Earth Day celebrations, which feature compost bins for disposal of food waste; biodegradable serving ware and utensils; recycling bins; compost bin monitors to answer questions on composting; and educational signs explaining how attendees should dispose of their waste. Food scraps, paper, and biodegradable cutlery and cups were combined with wood chips and cow manure and composted into nutrient-rich humus, which is donated back to the City of Reno for Idlewild Park’s rose garden. Nevada EcoNet’s Earth Day waste reduction efforts result in 80% of the event’s waste being diverted from the landfill and the recovery of more than 1,500 pounds of recyclable and compostable materials. more than 1,000 pounds of compostable waste being diverted from the local landfill and the recovery of more than 500 pounds of recyclable materials.

All Nevada EcoNet events are Erase Your Trace, meaning there is zero waste produced from the event.

Contact us if you’d like assistance with making your next event waste-free.




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