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EraseYour Trace…you can do it!

It’s not a secret… humans require many resources to survive.   Water, food, shelter, and everything else society deemed necessary to survive. But unfortunately,  many of these necessities come individually wrapped, which creates a lot of trash. So where does it all go? Most of our waste gets buried at Lockwood Landfill (which is the largest landfills in the nation), but some is diverted to recycling centers in the area. But for those feeling ambitious and want improve your impact on the environment, Nevada EcoNet is here to help!

With our Erase Your Trace program you will be set up for success!  We can help show how to make your house or your event zero-waste.  From small staff holiday parties to 500-guest fundraisers to daily household needs, we can help you be more eco-friendly. To assist with events, we can show you how to make your event environmentally friendly, complete with recycling, compostable plates and silverware, and local food!

Don’t think it’s possible? Last year, Earth Day had over 9,000 attendees and managed to be an Erase Your Trace, Zero Waste event.

Recycling and composting can divert large amounts of waste and keep them from ending up in Lockwood landfill.

For composting information, here are a few great resources:

Full Circle Composting

Call: (775) 267-5305

R.T. Donovan

Call: (775) 425-3015 or Email:


Call: (775) 324-6326


For recycling information, here are some great resources:

Nevada Recycles Recycling Hotline 1(800) 597-5865

Waste Management

Castaway (775) 342-2444


When in doubt, call or email us! We are happy to help!

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