Nevada EcoNet counts on support from members of the community like you!

Our mission:

Nevada Econet’s Mission is to bring environmental awareness to the Truckee Meadows by promoting and organizing events and acting as the information center for environmentally sustainable resources and activity. 

Our Method:

Nevada Econet is the promoter and organizer of Earthday for Northern Nevada and of the Annual Golden Pinecone Awards celebrating environmental successes.

Nevada Econet publishes the Green Guide for the Truckee Meadows and maintains a calendar of ongoing environmental activity in the area.

Nevada Econet collaborates with other organizations and individuals to promote and organize events that are in alignment with our mission.

Like many 501(c)3 nonprofits we need help from our community to guide our actions as well as pay the bills! Your support allows us to continue bring our programs, collaboration with other nonprofits and our zero waste efforts to help bring sustainable living practices and information to the community.

You can show your support by volunteering your time or volunteering your financial support!


We rely on you! Our cause is noble and tax deductible! If you notice  some spare change hanging around and want a to give it a good home, we can find a good place to use it!

Interested in sponsoring a specific event such as Earth Day, Golden Pinecone, Organic Uncorked, or perhaps a specific resource such as the calendar or the Green Guide? Please contact Kaitlin Weeks at <> to get more information!


Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community and meet new people! At Nevada EcoNet we offer a variety of ways to volunteer to get involved! Volunteer at Earth Day or the Golden Pinecone or at a Zero Waste demonstration.  For more information about volunteering with us, please call us at (775) 232-3433 or email < >

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